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Welcome To Nonna's Family Kitchen

Homestyle Italian Meals From OUR Table To YOURS

Who We Are

Growing up in a small town in the Campagna region of Italy, I was raised by my Grandmother with simple and traditional values. Her philosophy was that food was meant to bring people together to “feed” not only their bodies but FILL their soul. Our family began Nonna’s Family Kitchen with a simple goal in mind. Keep food simple, use quality ingredients, and focus on flavor. We use only the finest, premium, all natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives or added sugars made in small batches by hand. We invite you to join our family as we continue to deliver the finest, authentic, traditional Italian food. Enjoy all of our sauces, and entrees today and know that Nonna’s Family Kitchen will always bring OUR TABLE TO YOUR’S!


Buon Apetito!

Nonna Anna



561 DeRose Lane, Jackson, NJ 08527, USA


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